Alright so sorry i havnt been updating my site but i have been very busy lately like if you didnt notice the thing at the top says life of a NINE year old so i have turned nine! I had an awesome birthday party. Youz knowz how i told you that we were gonna redo my room? Well we did and i didnt paint my bed but i did paint the wall and got my tv on it!  I also have a blue couch agenst the wall. Its awesome, my room looks like a collage dorm! Its really bright and colorful. I feel really safe when i am in it. Well anywho I am in my friend`s cool room.Kelsey shes my BFF! Yeah if you didn`t read the home page paragraph then you wouldnt know that but anyway. This week  is thanks giving sorry but its Sat. I`m still going to tell you about it though. For thanksgiving i went to my Grandparents house. They have a little dog that is soooo cute. His name is Bandit. I love running around with him because he never gets tierd or he dose get tierd but not easaly at all. My Aunt Sarah and my Uncle Nate have two little boys one is i think one year old and the other was i think just born this year. I helped him walk a tiny bit. After everyone ate, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Nate,Gavin (the one year old),Abbey ( my sister) and I went to the naborhood park. Abbey and I went on the teeter-totter and she is older than me so i went up in the air when she hit the ground. After like 2mins it started to hurt so we stopped and went on this other thing, i dont know what its called but it was like a jumpy thingy. Yeah i dont know how to explain it but bye or later! ♥♥♥ =D