AHHH!! I am so hyper right now because i have been playing with my new things for the past hour! Alright this is what i got: two liv dolls (one with a REALLY cute outfit!) ummm. . . . .oh yeah a lady bug pillow pet that I named Cherry! I also got some books and an iPad case too from my friend. Hmmm what else, welllll an iTunes gift card and a lot of moon sand! Ahhhhhh . . . I feel rich right now i dont know why. My BFF got the NEW iPOD TOUCH!! OMG i know right? She is soooo lucky but ya know i do have an iPad so whatevs. Another thing i got was these AWESOME head phones  from my sister Shelly. They arent the little thing u put in ur ears they are the big things that u put over ur ears but they are still really cool! I love Christmas. Helmi, my nieace, got me a HUGE key and if u didnt know. . . . . . . . .  I HEART KEYS ( a whole lot)!! So its sooo cool.
Okay so if u guys want u can enter what u got with a comment or on the "" page kk? be loved and love:)Alrighty, have a  Happy Christmas and merry new year!