So I am at camp Kiwah which is an island. And it`s awesome. This wasn`t the best week ever because first, I got sick  for like 2 days and i have a splinter that i can`t get out. My sister got sick so i couldn`t go into her room. and for a day at the beach i did not have a boogie board and you know when you go to the beach you have to have a boogie board or else it`s really boring. I made a new set on polyvore so you can check that out if anybody know me on polyvore. please fav mine!!
The newest one is WERID It`s tell me if you think theese pictures are weird becasue it`s a girl with puffy purple hair and batman and uh supernman kissing it`s really weird!! So Uh Today I am going to make a pizza for dinner with my sister and neaise. Abbey is not at camp this week she is in vermont. So I am doin` it with Shell. and helmi. I love makin` pizza YUM!  I can`t wait to get home besides having to be in the car for like day because i get car sick, when we get home i am going to redo my room purple and green!! WOOOT WOOT! I can`t wait my couch is going to fold out into a bed and my T.V. is going to be hanging on the wall. My bed is going to be a bunk with not wood but white paint it`s going to be awesome. Helmi found this song on a kid site and check it out its www.kids.yahoo.com then ckick games and then tv and movies next scroll all the way down and it`s the last one. It`s really anoyying though to you parents if it gets stuck in your head. My BFF Just got back from the beach I think so when she got back i went here then she was like where is caroline if was pretty funny. We are staying in a beach house with a hottub on the porch. It`s really cool Helmi loves it a lot. She always askes me to go into it with her. I have to tell you it has rained a lot which kinduv ruined the week. But when we were comeing back from the beach it was pouring down rain and we had to run out of the car and go up a lot of stairs. So i danced in the rain it was really fun. I love danceing in the rain.



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