I am now 9. I had a birthday party and i am now nine i dont want to tell about it because ten you`ll just be bugging me to do it gain with you whoever you are. I am in fourth grade and I think that I am really good at writing and LA because I am writing a story and my mom thinks it is really good because it is so disriptive and stuff like that you know. I am very sorry that i haven`t been on my webdite updating stuff but right now nothing really is going on. I am taking gymnastics like always and piano like i always have been. And I am going to have a recitle in about two weeks from now. I have a book reaport due Oct. 28th and I am modleing clay for my visual project on it. Soo Yeah. I just got back from a VT game and we WON!!!!! I am not suprised though because VT is like the best team in the whole entire world!! Go HOKIES!!!!