So a little while ago I made a facebook account. Now I hope whoever looks at this site is friends with me! : ) I have also been playing this game called Tetris Battle. Its acually really fun! I can also get closer to some of my family members that live all around the world. Like my moms side of the fam ( Aunt Laurie, My cousin Mark <3, ect.) And my dads! ( 
This week is spring break! My week has been so crazy. First i had a sleep over with my BFF Lauren. We went swimming in her pool. Then, the day after that I went to go and see a movie, Soul Surfer. It was the greatest movie ever! I HEARTED IT! 
LOL. Then, I went to Helmi`s apartment a lot. Um.. yesterday, i went to kings dominion with old friends. I <3 em'! 2day, I had Mexican for breakfast. I then went swimming at Helmi`s pool. There, I met up with Dylan and Ethan. They got toatally DRENCHED in their cloths because they were daring each other to go into the pool with their cloths on. It was halarious. Umm... I went inside and played the Wii. Then, I drove home and on my way I got my new glasses. I can see so much better and i have NO IDEA where my old ones are. LOL. I am tierd but loved. I feel wanted and I know that this year is going to be the best. There is going to be some falls, but I just have to get back up right?  That`s what life is about!!!
I went to a party last night and it was with old friends of my dad`s. My family goes to their house a lot and I was there because the parents where watching the game. All the kids went down into the basement and made a fort. My friends, Maggie, Caotherine, Blake, and I where playing there. Maggie`s litter sister was there. Also, Catherine`s litter sister, Emily. I thought that Emily was being really annoying the whole time! Every time Catherine and I where talking and she was trying to say something, she would scream at the TOP OF HER LUNGS, just to get us to stop talking.
Maggie and Blake were not there half the time because they went to a birthday party and so it was mainly me and Catherine the whole time. After Maggie and Blake got there, My dad said that we had to leave in like 15 min.s so that was a waste that Maggie and Blake went to the birthday party and came home really late. 
Abbey, my bigger sister did not come because she was having a sleepover with her friends at home. 
Cathrine and I also made these AWESOME duck-tape wallets. Mine had dots on it! Ha, it was fun. I like the ppl there. If any of u guys know me like really acuallacy know me then you wouldnt know Catherine, Maggie, Blake and Ava, Emily (Ava is Maggie`s little sister) (Emily is Catherine`s little sister) so.. yeah.. I am 
 AHH! okay so right now my mom is out with my dad, she goes out every Fri. but she is going to see a movie and dinner... my sister and I are SOO board because my niece has a friend over...Kevin. He is such a crazy little guy.... every time he gets hurt, he laughs... yeah I know its weird but its true! I mean really! and me and my family say "KEVIN!!" ha ha its so funny because every time we say his name, the second time we say it we say it in a whispering voice but yelling... I don`t know how to explain it thoug
AHHH!! I am so hyper right now because i have been playing with my new things for the past hour! Alright this is what i got: two liv dolls (one with a REALLY cute outfit!) ummm. . . . .oh yeah a lady bug pillow pet that I named Cherry! I also got some books and an iPad case too from my friend. Hmmm what else, welllll an iTunes gift card and a lot of moon sand! Ahhhhhh . . . I feel rich right now i dont know why. My BFF got the NEW iPOD TOUCH!! OMG i know right? She is soooo lucky but ya know i do have an iPad so whatevs. Another thing i got was these AWESOME head phones  from my sister Shelly. They arent the little thing u put in ur ears they are the big things that u put over ur ears but they are still really cool! I love Christmas. Helmi, my nieace, got me a HUGE key and if u didnt know. . . . . . . . .  I HEART KEYS ( a whole lot)!! So its sooo cool.
Okay so if u guys want u can enter what u got with a comment or on the "" page kk? be loved and love:)Alrighty, have a  Happy Christmas and merry new year!
Alright so sorry i havnt been updating my site but i have been very busy lately like if you didnt notice the thing at the top says life of a NINE year old so i have turned nine! I had an awesome birthday party. Youz knowz how i told you that we were gonna redo my room? Well we did and i didnt paint my bed but i did paint the wall and got my tv on it!  I also have a blue couch agenst the wall. Its awesome, my room looks like a collage dorm! Its really bright and colorful. I feel really safe when i am in it. Well anywho I am in my friend`s cool room.Kelsey shes my BFF! Yeah if you didn`t read the home page paragraph then you wouldnt know that but anyway. This week  is thanks giving sorry but its Sat. I`m still going to tell you about it though. For thanksgiving i went to my Grandparents house. They have a little dog that is soooo cute. His name is Bandit. I love running around with him because he never gets tierd or he dose get tierd but not easaly at all. My Aunt Sarah and my Uncle Nate have two little boys one is i think one year old and the other was i think just born this year. I helped him walk a tiny bit. After everyone ate, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Nate,Gavin (the one year old),Abbey ( my sister) and I went to the naborhood park. Abbey and I went on the teeter-totter and she is older than me so i went up in the air when she hit the ground. After like 2mins it started to hurt so we stopped and went on this other thing, i dont know what its called but it was like a jumpy thingy. Yeah i dont know how to explain it but bye or later! ♥♥♥ =D
 So I am at camp Kiwah which is an island. And it`s awesome. This wasn`t the best week ever because first, I got sick  for like 2 days and i have a splinter that i can`t get out. My sister got sick so i couldn`t go into her room. and for a day at the beach i did not have a boogie board and you know when you go to the beach you have to have a boogie board or else it`s really boring. I made a new set on polyvore so you can check that out if anybody know me on polyvore. please fav mine!!
The newest one is WERID It`s tell me if you think theese pictures are weird becasue it`s a girl with puffy purple hair and batman and uh supernman kissing it`s really weird!! So Uh Today I am going to make a pizza for dinner with my sister and neaise. Abbey is not at camp this week she is in vermont. So I am doin` it with Shell. and helmi. I love makin` pizza YUM!  I can`t wait to get home besides having to be in the car for like day because i get car sick, when we get home i am going to redo my room purple and green!! WOOOT WOOT! I can`t wait my couch is going to fold out into a bed and my T.V. is going to be hanging on the wall. My bed is going to be a bunk with not wood but white paint it`s going to be awesome. Helmi found this song on a kid site and check it out its then ckick games and then tv and movies next scroll all the way down and it`s the last one. It`s really anoyying though to you parents if it gets stuck in your head. My BFF Just got back from the beach I think so when she got back i went here then she was like where is caroline if was pretty funny. We are staying in a beach house with a hottub on the porch. It`s really cool Helmi loves it a lot. She always askes me to go into it with her. I have to tell you it has rained a lot which kinduv ruined the week. But when we were comeing back from the beach it was pouring down rain and we had to run out of the car and go up a lot of stairs. So i danced in the rain it was really fun. I love danceing in the rain.

I am now 9. I had a birthday party and i am now nine i dont want to tell about it because ten you`ll just be bugging me to do it gain with you whoever you are. I am in fourth grade and I think that I am really good at writing and LA because I am writing a story and my mom thinks it is really good because it is so disriptive and stuff like that you know. I am very sorry that i haven`t been on my webdite updating stuff but right now nothing really is going on. I am taking gymnastics like always and piano like i always have been. And I am going to have a recitle in about two weeks from now. I have a book reaport due Oct. 28th and I am modleing clay for my visual project on it. Soo Yeah. I just got back from a VT game and we WON!!!!! I am not suprised though because VT is like the best team in the whole entire world!! Go HOKIES!!!!