This week is spring break! My week has been so crazy. First i had a sleep over with my BFF Lauren. We went swimming in her pool. Then, the day after that I went to go and see a movie, Soul Surfer. It was the greatest movie ever! I HEARTED IT! 
LOL. Then, I went to Helmi`s apartment a lot. Um.. yesterday, i went to kings dominion with old friends. I <3 em'! 2day, I had Mexican for breakfast. I then went swimming at Helmi`s pool. There, I met up with Dylan and Ethan. They got toatally DRENCHED in their cloths because they were daring each other to go into the pool with their cloths on. It was halarious. Umm... I went inside and played the Wii. Then, I drove home and on my way I got my new glasses. I can see so much better and i have NO IDEA where my old ones are. LOL. I am tierd but loved. I feel wanted and I know that this year is going to be the best. There is going to be some falls, but I just have to get back up right?  That`s what life is about!!!

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