So today, I got up very early and went with my dad to a shooting range. (he is an F.B.I. agent.) I shot two types of guns, a glock, ( if you dont know what that is then here: its a handgun.) and an M4. ( an M4 is a long gun that dosnt make that much of a kick.) The glock was hard because it made a huge kick. You know, the smaller the gun, the bigger the kick. It was so much funn! after every1 was finished shooting, I had to pick up all the brass.. not by myself though, the whole crew was helping. Then after lots of ppl left, ( it was a class practicing to shoot,) all the kids lined up (there is three kids), Casy, 11 or 12, Josph, 10 or 11, and me, 9. Also another girl that I dont know the name of, she was 16. I got more than 98 points! ( I got like 7 bulzes! each one was ten.) So anyway.. leave me a comment telling me what u did 2day! : ]