VT Hokies  or JMU Bulldogs

Okay like I don`t know about you but I am totally on the VT side I mean who isen`t? I love VT so much and so dose my whole family! My life gal is 2 go to VT for collage! Pause for a sec. I had one person rite about JMU complaining that i dont write enuf 4 JMU but plz dont do that cuz im a VT fan but i dont care if u aren`t. Anyway sorry if u want the same thing as her but i do not know ANYTHING about JMU so if any1 wants to post a comment talking about JMU giving me facts that is what i want so type away! So please post a comment. Nobody else can see it though.. just me i think. Well, VT is my fav. so comment bout it and tell me!!