About Myself

    I just wanted to tell you viewer people a little about myself and this website. I am in the 5th grade and I love it! I have Mr. Hunt for homeroom, Reading and Science. I have Mrs. Dix for Math, and also Mrs. Megian for S.S.! Ha, well anyway, My name is Caroline and I love to hang with my best friends Kelsey and Grace. 
My favorite website to visit is www.facebook.com. My page is Caroline McKenna. I know thats not my last name. Its my middle one. I don't like to put my last name up online. Also, please dont be upset if I dont upgrade this website EVERY SINGLE week! Sorry!
My favorite hobbies are Piano and Gymnastics

Anymore questions about me u can go to the top of the page and click on the "??????" page. On that page, u can answer my question or ask a question. 
   THANKS! ; )
     -Caroline <3 
 Hehe, thats little perry and little guy!! My sister was watching the show and it showed little perry and so she searched it and saved this picture to her file. I got it from her file but it`s not like a persanal thing or anything so yeah..... isen`t little perry cute though, and in the picture if you look closely then you can see he is doing that ggggllggglglglglglglglglgl thing ya know. I don`t know how to spell it so sorry but little perry is so cute!!!! Sorry, its a little fizzy! :( but its cute! :)